Join Me for October Unprocessed 2013

September really got away from me this year – meaning tomorrow is October, yikes!

I’m the type of person who likes to plan ahead, but I’m not going to let that stop me from taking the October Unprocessed challenge this year,  and I hope I can convince you to join me.

I’m on my own journey to figure out if it’s possible to eat an all-natural diet, but (being honest with myself and with you here), it’s going pretty slowly.  The great news folks like Andrew Wilder (the dude who started October Unprocessed) and Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food have already done a lot of the leg work. Why not hitch my cart to their (collective) horses?

Since I’ve been slipping back into a pattern of sugar addiction (and telling myself it’s ok, I can stop any time) I need this kick-in-the-butt to really get serious about my efforts. Why not go all in? Especially when (being honest again), I know there may be room for a Hallowe’en treat at the end.

Sad Jill holding an empty chocolate bar wrapper

My plan

  1. Sign up to take the pledge
  2. Decide what I will and won’t be eating for the month of October (is white rice considered “processed”? How about juice or “real” ice cream?)
  3. Tell my friends and family about it
  4. Try to get them on board
  5. Prepare for the worst Write about it every day

Like boot camp or three-week intensive MBAs, it just might mean a bigger reward to concentrate my efforts into a short, measurable time period.

Would you be willing to give October Unprocessed a try too?

If you’re waffling, or thinking it might be too hard, to give up all processed food for a month, consider these flexible rules right from the source:

“This is an exercise in awareness. If an entire month is too much of a commitment, that’s okay. Maybe it’s only a week? Maybe just a day? Sign the pledge, and indicate your support!

Maybe you’re not comfortable with my definition of “unprocessed.” That’s okay, too. Decide what it means to you and take the pledge on your terms.

Need an exception? Sure, no problem. Just make sure it’s a deliberate choice, not just because of a habit.

Whatever your level of commitment (even if it’s for just one day, please sign the pledge), and discover how it changes you, your family, your community, and the world.”

~ Andrew Wilder on October Unprocessed

As of midnight, I’m done with the processed goods. Wish me luck, and sign up to receive email updates on my progress. I hope you’ll share your challenges and successes too – feel free to drop me a line at or in the comments below.


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