Jill’s rules for October Unprocessed

It’s Day 1 of October Unprocessed and I’m seriously hurtin’ for some hot chocolate. I’ve also been derailed already because apparently the nice weather has brought closet barbequers out of the woodwork and into our local stores, which are now out of propane. Clearly, I need a plan (and a back-up plan) if I’m going to stick to a month of eating only unprocessed food. Especially when it’s a month of school fundraisers, Halloween candy and Thanksgiving (yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October).

Without further ado, here are

Jill’s rules for October Unprocessed

  1. I can eat what’s already in the cupboard, within reason. I don’t want to waste food we already have, especially if it’s perishable.
  2. No white bread/flour, no white rice. I read on the October Unprocessed site that some people may find these “unprocessed” enough to be acceptable, but not me. Having a nutrition background tells me these are nutrient-devoid foods that have been forcibly removed from their more wholesome parts. They spike your blood sugar. And, for me, they’re just not filling.
  3. No processed (white) sugar, period. This includes derivatives like glucose, corn syrup, dextrose, etc.
  4. Natural sugars (like honey or maple syrup) only in homemade products. Commercially produced products (like Nature’s Path cereal, for example) have way too much sugar added, and that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

That’s all for now; the rest should fall out of the October Unprocessed Guide (PDF, but worth downloading and even printing as a reference).

Did I miss any rules? Are there any you would add?

I mentioned my day 1 held a few twists in store for me. More on that in the next post.

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