Wall of Shame

This special virtual wall is to highlight the worst of the worst – foods that aren’t foods at all. Those that market deceptively crying things like “Natural” and “Fresh” when they’re exactly the opposite. Those that somehow sneak 30 ingredients into a loaf of bread.

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  1. Subway Canada Bread Ingredients

Added: March, 2014

Crime: Sneaking over 30 ingredients (including controversial azodicarbonamide, dough conditioners, corn syrup, artificial flavours and sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate) into their bread. No wonder the bread walways tastes like it just came from the oven – it’s engineered that way. “Eat Fresh”? My hat.





  1. I washed the pans and containers in a Subway restaurant and I personally witnessed a large pan of sliced roast beef thawing out on a table nearby the sink that I was standing in front of. This pan had at least 5 pounds of sliced roast beef with at least one hundred or more houseflies laying their eggs on the meat!!! This was so disgusting that I have never eaten at a Subway restaurant again. They are quite trashy and low class corporations.

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