Triple Threat: Three Reasons to Avoid White Flour

Bag of Robin Hood brand flour

Over the past year I’ve been telling people about this real food expedition, one of the most common questions I hear is around white bread: is it really that bad? After all, everybody eats it. Even the artisan bakers at my local farmers’ market question me about the values of 100% whole wheat – isn’t […]

Swap-out Sunday: Pasta

Whole wheat penne pasta with spinach

I know there are many pasta purists out there, and you might be one of them. Even if you are, I hope you’ll still give this Swap-out Sunday a try: it’s an easy step towards eating foods that are closer to their natural state. And it doesn’t take any extra effort in the kitchen. Swap-out […]

October Unprocessed: Day 1

ingredient listing on whole wheat pasta, including added vitamins

I feel like I’m starting out with baby steps here, but falling a lot. I have to admit I’m surprised and a bit embarrassed, actually – I considered myself hyper-aware of what’s in my food and thought I’d have an easy time with this challenge. But it turns out I’m not even at the toddler […]

White Bread, High Society

Sifting UnBleached All-Purpose Flour

I want you to ponder the question I am about to pose to you, and answer it honestly in your head, or out loud (depending where you are when you’re reading this): why do you eat white bread? Is it the:  Taste? Texture? Availability? Or are you turned off by the ferulic acid smell emanating […]