Swap-out Sunday: Jam

Honey, apple butter and fruit spread

After swapping out regular peanut butter for the natural stuff, you knew what was coming next, right? You have to go all-in for a 100% natural sandwich filling: jam. Despite being a mixture that starts with sugar, jam does have a few redeeming features: It can be homemade. It is one method of preserving produce […]

Not Caving to Sweet Cravings

Sugar cubes

If you’ve ever tried to stop a bad habit, you’ll know it takes at least a few weeks to re-set your body’s expectations. For me, the threshold seems to be about a month. I started off October Unprocessed craving sugar like a crazed maniac; I’m sure my co-workers saw me staring lustily at the candy […]

My Strange (Sugar) Addiction

Eating fresh natural sugar cane

At work, the colleague who sits next to me is keeper of the candy dish. When we’re having a bad day, we can count on a mini chocolate bar, Hershey Kiss or other small morsel to satisfy the sweet tooth. This week, Halloween candy made its entrance. Before you could say “trick-or-treat” my hand was […]