Drinking Green Beer Doesn’t Make You Irish

Ingredient list on Candian food colouring

But you knew that, right? So let’s think outside the stein this St. Patrick’s Day and ditch the artificial food colouring in favour of some foods that are naturally green – or naturally Irish – or both. I’ve never really been a fan of St. Patrick’s Day…mostly because people use it as an excuse to […]

The Great (White) Bread Experiment: Final Results

Baked "in-store" bread after three weeks in a plastic bag. Part of the Great Bread Experiment.

This past Saturday marked the last day of the Great Bread Experiment – White Bread Edition. Four types of bread started out together: homemade (in the bread machine), baked “in-store” bread from the grocery store, artisan-baked bread from the farmers’ market, and the classic Wonder Bread, whose packaging boasts “Free of artificial preservatives”. For three […]

The Great Bread Experiment: Week 1

Close-up of "baked in-store" bread

One week and not a single piece of bread is moldy. I’m surprised because I’m sure I’ve had mold develop in less than a week before…but that may have to do with it currently being the dead of winter (21°C when we’re home; 16°C at night and dry enough that lip balm has become a necessity) […]