The Great Bread Experiment: Week 2

Wonder Bread after 14 days: no mold

“Now with even more gratuitous mold photos!” Between days 7 and 13 days the mold really started to attack the four white bread samples that are part of the Great Bread Experiment. However, as predicted, the bread being stored in paper bags isn’t afflicted by the same green fuzzy mold that’s covering from 5% to […]

The Great Bread Experiment: Meet the players

Loaf of classic white Wonder Bread

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting these bad boys through the gears to see how they stand the test of time: when they become inedible, when they dry out and when they mold. Here’s the playbook: The Great Bread Experiment. For this round of testing I’m using white bread. I know it’s not […]

Whole Wheat Bread: What to Look For on a Label (It’s more complicated than you think)

Artisan Bread Loaf from a Local Bakery

Based on our government’s advice to “make half your grains whole” and ahem…”handy” tips (like “You can do it, wherever you are – at home, at school, at work or when eating out!” from Health Canada or “make simple switches” from the US government), you’d think switching your spongy white bread out for a dense, […]

Preservatives are “additived” to my don’t-eat list

A bag of Wonder+ brand whole wheat buns.

I wanted to write a blog post about the other side of the preservatives story – the one that balances the benefits of making food last longer (saving money, safer food, less spoilage) with possible ill effects of being exposed to chemicals our bodies aren’t adapted to handle. I don’t want to be alarmist. If […]

Bread Goes Bad?

Bread loaves on a conveyor belt in a factor

When I was in university, I tossed a wet towel on top of my heap of laundry and headed home to my parents’ house for Christmas break. When I returned, everything under the towel had gone mouldy – tank tops, underwear, pajamas…I learned an expensive lesson, being forced to throw out some of my favourite […]