How to Tell a Natural Food by its Label

Ingredient list on package of oatmeal breakfast biscuits

This week marked some big news in the world of US food labels – the first proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts panel in 20 years. Ingredient lists and nutrition facts (listing the number of calories, macronutrients [carbohydrates, protein, fat] and some vitamins and minerals) are supposed to help consumers – that’s us – make […]

Does “organic” = “natural”?

Eating an organic ice cream cone from Mapleton's Dairy in Ontario.

“The principal goal of organic production is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.” – Canada General Standards Board; Organic Production systems General Principles and Management Standards I use the term “organic” as a proxy for “natural” when it’s too difficult to figure out whether something is actually “natural” or not. […]