What I learned from Michael Pollan and Sarah Elton at Food for Thought

My ticket stub for Food for Thought - a talk with Michael Pollan and Sarah Elton

On Saturday I attended a talk called Food for Thought. The two panelists were Michael Pollan (super-famous author, journalist and professor who writes best-selling food nonfiction) and Sarah Elton (Canadian food writer and author of The Locavore, who also has a column on CBC radio). Not only was I giddy to see two influential thinkers […]

Bread Goes Bad?

Bread loaves on a conveyor belt in a factor

When I was in university, I tossed a wet towel on top of my heap of laundry and headed home to my parents’ house for Christmas break. When I returned, everything under the towel had gone mouldy – tank tops, underwear, pajamas…I learned an expensive lesson, being forced to throw out some of my favourite […]