October Unprocessed Week 2: Menu

A container of Hardy northern kiwis from the garden

What would you miss most, giving up processed food and artificial additives? When I pitched the idea that we both do October Unprocessed this year, I wasn’t sure if Mike would agree. But as the primary cook in our family, I needed him on board for me to be on board. When he did agree, […]

October Unprocessed Week 1: Out of the Starting Gates, and Menu

natural nachos

This week has brought more than a few changes to our household: we started the October Unprocessed challenge, of course. I went back to work after 10 months’ maternity leave. Popcorn got sick, then she got me sick, meaning neither of us has slept more than two hours in a row since Tuesday. On top […]

October Unprocessed Menu Planning: Week 2

Bounty from an October farmers market

I jumped into this challenge a bit late and, as a result, was unprepared for how difficult and limiting it was actually challenging going to be. I already eat pretty “clean”; I’m already working towards an all-natural diet, how hard could it be? Plenty hard, actually. Whine-inducing. A reader left a comment on the Natural […]