White Bread, High Society

Sifting UnBleached All-Purpose Flour

I want you to ponder the question I am about to pose to you, and answer it honestly in your head, or out loud (depending where you are when you’re reading this): why do you eat white bread? Is it the:  Taste? Texture? Availability? Or are you turned off by the ferulic acid smell emanating […]

Preservatives are “additived” to my don’t-eat list

A bag of Wonder+ brand whole wheat buns.

I wanted to write a blog post about the other side of the preservatives story – the one that balances the benefits of making food last longer (saving money, safer food, less spoilage) with possible ill effects of being exposed to chemicals our bodies aren’t adapted to handle. I don’t want to be alarmist. If […]

Bread Goes Bad?

Bread loaves on a conveyor belt in a factor

When I was in university, I tossed a wet towel on top of my heap of laundry and headed home to my parents’ house for Christmas break. When I returned, everything under the towel had gone mouldy – tank tops, underwear, pajamas…I learned an expensive lesson, being forced to throw out some of my favourite […]