Easy Recipe: Hot Chocolate from Scratch

Mug of hot chocolate made from scratch

It’s been a long winter and there are no signs of the cold and snow letting up just yet. Sometimes, I need a little encouragement to enjoy the season…and often that encouragement comes in the form of a mug of steaming hot chocolate. But not just any hot chocolate – those opaque white instant packets are […]

What is a Modified Milk Ingredient?

Babybel Cheese Package

Milk. Close your eyes and think about the last advertisement for milk you saw on TV. Are you picturing: Happy cows smiling at the camera? Pastoral scenes? Phrases like “pure” and “wholesome”? Dairy companies know that consumers yearn for “the rural countryside, a space implied to be healthier, both morally and hygienically”. We want to […]

Greek Speak: Let’s Talk Yogurt

Yogurt and berries

  In North America, yogurt has always been marketed as a health food: as the only way to get “good” bacteria; as a low-fat, fat-burning food; as a good source of calcium and now as a high-protein diet chow. The newest functional food, Greek yogurt, seems to take up almost half the yogurt shelf at […]