What You’re Really Getting When You Order Coffee With Cream

cup of coffee

I’m not a coffee purist, but I do believe that anything you add to your java should enhance, not degrade it. If you prefer to add cream or “half-and-half” (either at home or your favourite Tim Hortons or Starbucks), you’ve been disrespecting your cup of joe.

Iced Coffee Meltdown: Which Summer Beverages are Abominations and Which ONE is Truly Natural

Pouring coffee over ice

I haven’t eaten much McDonald’s food since I became a vegetarian over 12 years ago, but I must confess I can’t say the same about their drinks. Especially the cold, caffeine-laced ones.  But it’s not just McDonald’s – I love me an iced coffee from anywhere, really. Last summer I even coined the term “Frappucino […]