Cream Cheese: Cream, Cheese, or Neither?

The prospect of living without my favourite layered nacho dip or the occasional drive-through bagel makes me hesitant to start penning this post. The truth is, cream cheese is one of those foods I’d rather stay ignorant about that give up. And if I find out cream cheese isn’t cream or cheese at all, I’ll […]

Discovering Kawartha Dairy: Is a Local, Family-Owned Business Keepin’ it Real?

Kawartha Dairy products

Have you ever endured a winter so long and dark and cold that you thought you’d just break? That’s me this year, and I finally put my foot down and told my significant other I needed a getaway. Perhaps somewhere close, reasonably priced, and flush with activities (both indoor and outdoor). We settled on a […]

What is a Modified Milk Ingredient?

Babybel Cheese Package

Milk. Close your eyes and think about the last advertisement for milk you saw on TV. Are you picturing: Happy cows smiling at the camera? Pastoral scenes? Phrases like “pure” and “wholesome”? Dairy companies know that consumers yearn for “the rural countryside, a space implied to be healthier, both morally and hygienically”. We want to […]

October Unprocessed: Day 1

ingredient listing on whole wheat pasta, including added vitamins

I feel like I’m starting out with baby steps here, but falling a lot. I have to admit I’m surprised and a bit embarrassed, actually – I considered myself hyper-aware of what’s in my food and thought I’d have an easy time with this challenge. But it turns out I’m not even at the toddler […]