The Great Bread Experiment: Meet the players

Loaf of classic white Wonder Bread

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting these bad boys through the gears to see how they stand the test of time: when they become inedible, when they dry out and when they mold. Here’s the playbook: The Great Bread Experiment. For this round of testing I’m using white bread. I know it’s not […]

The Great Bread Experiment

Loaf of classic white Wonder Bread

During my third year of university I shared a tiny one-floor student house with two male housemates. Being that the guys a) only cooked with their student loan cheques came in and b) tended to leave raw chicken thawing all over the counter, we didn’t really share food or cooking duties. We each had our […]

Whole Wheat Bread: What to Look For on a Label (It’s more complicated than you think)

Artisan Bread Loaf from a Local Bakery

Based on our government’s advice to “make half your grains whole” and ahem…”handy” tips (like “You can do it, wherever you are – at home, at school, at work or when eating out!” from Health Canada or “make simple switches” from the US government), you’d think switching your spongy white bread out for a dense, […]

White Bread, High Society

Sifting UnBleached All-Purpose Flour

I want you to ponder the question I am about to pose to you, and answer it honestly in your head, or out loud (depending where you are when you’re reading this): why do you eat white bread? Is it the:  Taste? Texture? Availability? Or are you turned off by the ferulic acid smell emanating […]

Does “organic” = “natural”?

Eating an organic ice cream cone from Mapleton's Dairy in Ontario.

“The principal goal of organic production is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.” – Canada General Standards Board; Organic Production systems General Principles and Management Standards I use the term “organic” as a proxy for “natural” when it’s too difficult to figure out whether something is actually “natural” or not. […]