The Great (White) Bread Experiment: Final Results

Baked "in-store" bread after three weeks in a plastic bag. Part of the Great Bread Experiment.

This past Saturday marked the last day of the Great Bread Experiment – White Bread Edition. Four types of bread started out together: homemade (in the bread machine), baked “in-store” bread from the grocery store, artisan-baked bread from the farmers’ market, and the classic Wonder Bread, whose packaging boasts “Free of artificial preservatives”. For three […]

The Great Bread Experiment: Week 2

Wonder Bread after 14 days: no mold

“Now with even more gratuitous mold photos!” Between days 7 and 13 days the mold really started to attack the four white bread samples that are part of the Great Bread Experiment. However, as predicted, the bread being stored in paper bags isn’t afflicted by the same green fuzzy mold that’s covering from 5% to […]

The Great Bread Experiment: Week 1

Close-up of "baked in-store" bread

One week and not a single piece of bread is moldy. I’m surprised because I’m sure I’ve had mold develop in less than a week before…but that may have to do with it currently being the dead of winter (21°C when we’re home; 16°C at night and dry enough that lip balm has become a necessity) […]

The Great Bread Experiment: Meet the players

Loaf of classic white Wonder Bread

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting these bad boys through the gears to see how they stand the test of time: when they become inedible, when they dry out and when they mold. Here’s the playbook: The Great Bread Experiment. For this round of testing I’m using white bread. I know it’s not […]

The Great Bread Experiment

Loaf of classic white Wonder Bread

During my third year of university I shared a tiny one-floor student house with two male housemates. Being that the guys a) only cooked with their student loan cheques came in and b) tended to leave raw chicken thawing all over the counter, we didn’t really share food or cooking duties. We each had our […]