Looking for an all-natural hoisin sauce? Found it!

With what seems like more doom and gloom in the world than ever, it’s nice to have a good news story once in a while. So I want to share a product that stopped me in my tracks when I was at our local “healthy” grocery store recently. This product was being sampled and I admit I was a bit rude to the fellow doing the sampling because I assumed this product was just like every other I’d seen on the shelves – full of preservatives to keep it from going bad.

Now I’m not one for food poisoning – but I’d rather make a concerted effort to eat the food I buy before it goes bad, rather than consume preservatives designed to keep it safe on my refrigerator shelf for months.

This wonderful product of which I speak is hoisin sauce – which, if you know me, is one of my favourite condiments for creating the sesame tofu I use in cold spring rolls and stir-fries. It’s a recipe I learned from my friends at university and one that I’ve unashamedly copied and served to friends and family for years now. Sticky-sweet, molasses-brown hoisin is the star. It’s made from fermented beans. Sounds weird, but it’s really, really good.

tofu stir fry

I’ve avoided using hoisin in the past, not only because it’s largely sugar (it’s a treat!) but because of the preservatives that I’m just not comfortable feeding to my toddler. My husband has been fantastic at making a homemade version out of honey, but I’ve never quite had that knack for duplication.

stir fry

Looking for a brand name on this miracle bottle of preservative-free hoisin proved difficult, but it seems to be made by a Peter Piper Pepper, a company that mainly specializes in peppers. It’s also gluten-free and fair-trade. Bonuses, for sure.

Peter Piper Pepper brand hoisin sauce

Peter Piper Pepper brand hoisin sauce

Ingredients: Sugar, water, salt, garlic, soybeans, rice, sesame, spices, trace aspergillus sojae, yeast.

I think it cost me about $4 for the bottle. If you can find this hoisin at a store near you, scoop it up and make some tasty tofu. I’ll post the recipe soon.

And p.s. I don’t accept sponsored posts so you know these opinions, though strangely glowing, are mine only 🙂

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