Iced Coffee Meltdown: Which Summer Beverages are Abominations and Which ONE is Truly Natural

Pouring coffee over ice

I haven’t eaten much McDonald’s food since I became a vegetarian over 12 years ago, but I must confess I can’t say the same about their drinks. Especially the cold, caffeine-laced ones.  But it’s not just McDonald’s – I love me an iced coffee from anywhere, really. Last summer I even coined the term “Frappucino […]

Greek Speak: Let’s Talk Yogurt

Yogurt and berries

  In North America, yogurt has always been marketed as a health food: as the only way to get “good” bacteria; as a low-fat, fat-burning food; as a good source of calcium and now as a high-protein diet chow. The newest functional food, Greek yogurt, seems to take up almost half the yogurt shelf at […]

Red velvet, if you please

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I encountered red velvet (the dessert, not the fabric) for the first time when my brother and his fiancée were planning their wedding in the hot summer of 2011. They invited me to a swanky and well air-conditioned cupcakery in Muskoka to sample some flavours and, as I’ve convinced myself anyway, to give them some […]