Not Caving to Sweet Cravings

Sugar cubes

If you’ve ever tried to stop a bad habit, you’ll know it takes at least a few weeks to re-set your body’s expectations. For me, the threshold seems to be about a month. I started off October Unprocessed craving sugar like a crazed maniac; I’m sure my co-workers saw me staring lustily at the candy […]

October Unprocessed Menu Planning: Week 2

Bounty from an October farmers market

I jumped into this challenge a bit late and, as a result, was unprepared for how difficult and limiting it was actually challenging going to be. I already eat pretty “clean”; I’m already working towards an all-natural diet, how hard could it be? Plenty hard, actually. Whine-inducing. A reader left a comment on the Natural […]

October Unprocessed: Day 1

ingredient listing on whole wheat pasta, including added vitamins

I feel like I’m starting out with baby steps here, but falling a lot. I have to admit I’m surprised and a bit embarrassed, actually – I considered myself hyper-aware of what’s in my food and thought I’d have an easy time with this challenge. But it turns out I’m not even at the toddler […]

Jill’s rules for October Unprocessed

It’s Day 1 of October Unprocessed and I’m seriously hurtin’ for some hot chocolate. I’ve also been derailed already because apparently the nice weather has brought closet barbequers out of the woodwork and into our local stores, which are now out of propane. Clearly, I need a plan (and a back-up plan) if I’m going […]