October Unprocessed 2015 Wrap-up

Indian curry with brown rice and whole wheat roti

I know this is ridiculously, horrendously overdue. I am going to post it anyway, because writing my experiences down always helps me “process” them (ha ha). Let’s start with the bombshell: I did not make it to the end of October, Unprocessed. Despite some major life changes beginning at the same time (primarily me returning […]

October Unprocessed Week 2: Menu

A container of Hardy northern kiwis from the garden

What would you miss most, giving up processed food and artificial additives? When I pitched the idea that we both do October Unprocessed this year, I wasn’t sure if Mike would agree. But as the primary cook in our family, I needed him on board for me to be on board. When he did agree, […]

October Unprocessed Week 1: Out of the Starting Gates, and Menu

natural nachos

This week has brought more than a few changes to our household: we started the October Unprocessed challenge, of course. I went back to work after 10 months’ maternity leave. Popcorn got sick, then she got me sick, meaning neither of us has slept more than two hours in a row since Tuesday. On top […]

Our Rules for October Unprocessed 2015

Grocery store aisle - "Natural" section

If you read my previous post you’ll know my husband and I (and by extension, baby P, of course!) have pledged to be “unprocessed” this October as part of the October Unprocessed Challenge. You can still sign up to take part on your own terms. Andrew, who originated this challenge, encourages participants to make up […]

Join us for October Unprocessed 2015

My hubbie Mike eating Taco Bell

This is the second time I’ve signed up to take part in October Unprocessed, an annual challenge to eat real food organized by blogger Andrew over at Eating Rules. And it’s the first year my husband is fully on board. I hope you will be too – just head on over to sign up (on […]