Don’t Read This if You Ever Want to Eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard Again

I dreaded writing this post because Dairy Queen Blizzards are my vice. In elementary school, my parents would take me to get one after special baseball games. In high school my friends and I would eat them once a week for lunch. As an adult, I saved up my calories for a once-a-year cookie dough […]

Greek Speak: Let’s Talk Yogurt

Yogurt and berries

  In North America, yogurt has always been marketed as a health food: as the only way to get “good” bacteria; as a low-fat, fat-burning food; as a good source of calcium and now as a high-protein diet chow. The newest functional food, Greek yogurt, seems to take up almost half the yogurt shelf at […]

The more I learn about nutrition…

…the more convinced I am that eating an all-natural diet is the best – and perhaps only – way to stay healthy and sane. When I look around me, I see colleagues struggling to stay thin. I see active, educated women fail at their diets (of all types: high-protein, low-fat…they run the gamut). I have […]