What’s Cooking for Christmas

Cheater Baked Beans

If I was cooking a traditional Christmas dinner at my house this year I’d probably make mashed butternut squash; roasted brussel sprouts with caramelized onions; even a natural version of my mom’s mushroom soup hashbrown casserole. It turns out though that the only event I have to host is a day of meals for my […]

Join Me for October Unprocessed 2013

September really got away from me this year – meaning tomorrow is October, yikes! I’m the type of person who likes to plan ahead, but I’m not going to let that stop me from taking the October Unprocessed challenge this year,  and I hope I can convince you to join me. I’m on my own […]

Why We’re Not Smart Enough to Tat Unnatural Food…Yet


We humans are pretty clever when it comes to outsmarting nature. We’ve conquered cold climates unsuited to our nearly hairless bodies. We bring people back from the dead with modern medicine. We travel in cars, planes and spaceships much faster than our bodies could take us on our own. But when it comes to food, […]

My husband’s “real foods” epiphany

My husband had a bit of a “real foods” epiphany this weekend and is now on board with eating a more natural diet. Not that he wasn’t before…well, maybe 75%. Now it’s more like 90%. I’ll be letting him tell the story first-hand in a future blog post, but I wanted to write a little […]

The more I learn about nutrition…

…the more convinced I am that eating an all-natural diet is the best – and perhaps only – way to stay healthy and sane. When I look around me, I see colleagues struggling to stay thin. I see active, educated women fail at their diets (of all types: high-protein, low-fat…they run the gamut). I have […]