What I learned from Michael Pollan and Sarah Elton at Food for Thought

My ticket stub for Food for Thought - a talk with Michael Pollan and Sarah Elton

On Saturday I attended a talk called Food for Thought. The two panelists were Michael Pollan (super-famous author, journalist and professor who writes best-selling food nonfiction) and Sarah Elton (Canadian food writer and author of The Locavore, who also has a column on CBC radio). Not only was I giddy to see two influential thinkers […]

Preservatives are “additived” to my don’t-eat list

A bag of Wonder+ brand whole wheat buns.

I wanted to write a blog post about the other side of the preservatives story – the one that balances the benefits of making food last longer (saving money, safer food, less spoilage) with possible ill effects of being exposed to chemicals our bodies aren’t adapted to handle. I don’t want to be alarmist. If […]