The Trick to Finding the Best Holiday Eggnog

Egg Nog in a mug

When I was a kid and we hosted Christmas dinner for our extended family, my mom had a rule: if you wanted to drink pop, you had to split a can with your pop partner.  My pop partner was my cousin Jessica, of whom I have a very clear memory sadly rolling her eyes and […]

Looking for an all-natural hoisin sauce? Found it!

Peter Piper Pepper brand hoisin sauce

With what seems like more doom and gloom in the world than ever, it’s nice to have a good news story once in a while. So I want to share a product that stopped me in my tracks when I was at our local “healthy” grocery store recently. This product was being sampled and I […]

This Brand of Canned Beans is Hiding a Surprising Ingredient

Refried bean burrito

  My husband went to the store a few weeks ago to pick up the fixin’s for a week’s worth of dinners: eggs, cheese, broccoli, bread, and beans for burritos. He came back with two cans of La Costena brand beans. And while he was scanning the ingredient list for non-vegetarian ingredients (Thanks honey, no […]

What You’re Really Getting When You Order Coffee With Cream

cup of coffee

I’m not a coffee purist, but I do believe that anything you add to your java should enhance, not degrade it. If you prefer to add cream or “half-and-half” (either at home or your favourite Tim Hortons or Starbucks), you’ve been disrespecting your cup of joe.

Discovering Kawartha Dairy: Is a Local, Family-Owned Business Keepin’ it Real?

Kawartha Dairy products

Have you ever endured a winter so long and dark and cold that you thought you’d just break? That’s me this year, and I finally put my foot down and told my significant other I needed a getaway. Perhaps somewhere close, reasonably priced, and flush with activities (both indoor and outdoor). We settled on a […]