An Open Apology in the Spirit of a New Year

Vintage mailboxIn the spirit of a new year and fresh starts, I want to tell you I’m sorry.

Sorry for willfully deceiving you. Sorry for lying.

Our relationship has been rocky, and I know it was my fault. We’re supposed to be a team, but I didn’t trust you.

My previous actions were emotionally abusive. By undermining your decisions, I know I caused you to lose faith in yourself.

I manipulated you by convincing you that you had no self-control; that my rational self knew better than you and your gut feelings. That I should make decisions for you. In my defense, I thought it was true.

I know it will take time to re-learn how to make your own decisions again, but I hope you can accept me back into your life.

I promise to listen this time.

In 2015, will you, stomach, renew your vows, with me, brain?

I vow to break the cycle of abuse and respect you.
I vow to let you listen to your instincts.
I vow to stop making passive-agressive suggestions that cause you to second-guess yourself.

I vow to NOT pressure you to fall for the latest fads.

I vow to SUPPORT you to focus on health, not beauty.
I vow to LISTEN to and VALUE your opinion.
I vow to TRUST you.

To a better, kinder year in 2015.

Your Brain

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