Looking for an all-natural hoisin sauce? Found it!

Peter Piper Pepper brand hoisin sauce

With what seems like more doom and gloom in the world than ever, it’s nice to have a good news story once in a while. So I want to share a product that stopped me in my tracks when I was at our local “healthy” grocery store recently. This product was being sampled and I […]

Cinnamon Baked Apples Hack: No Coring or Peeling

Baked apple with yogurt and flax

I once read that, although people complain about airplane food being unhealthy, when it’s time for a mile-high snack the salads go uneaten and the brownies run out. To me, baked apples are the airline food of the dessert world. I always say they sound good and feel like I should eat them, but when […]

October Unprocessed 2015 Wrap-up

Indian curry with brown rice and whole wheat roti

I know this is ridiculously, horrendously overdue. I am going to post it anyway, because writing my experiences down always helps me “process” them (ha ha). Let’s start with the bombshell: I did not make it to the end of October, Unprocessed. Despite some major life changes beginning at the same time (primarily me returning […]

Apple Cider Oatmeal Recipe

Apple cider oatmeal with walnuts

Apologies to those who are familiar with my evangelical promotion of oatmeal as a breakfast food. But I have to post this recipe because I know there are people out there who are struggling to find a healthy, no-sugar-added breakfast option that actually tastes good. Cereal lovers, I’m looking at you. And if you’ve looked, […]

October Unprocessed Week 2: Menu

A container of Hardy northern kiwis from the garden

What would you miss most, giving up processed food and artificial additives? When I pitched the idea that we both do October Unprocessed this year, I wasn’t sure if Mike would agree. But as the primary cook in our family, I needed him on board for me to be on board. When he did agree, […]